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The Challenge

Public broadcasting media company, Georgia Public Broadcasting, brought on October Social Media as a prime contractor to assist with social media advertising across three departments for key media programs and community events in order to increase brand and program awareness, engagement on their social media challenges and website visits to key website landing pages. In addition, the client was looking to continually support the education and professional development of the numerous Social Media Managers within their organization.

Our Solution

Our approach began with understanding the target audience and creating a social media advertising strategy that met the client’s communication and engagement goals. We identified key performance indicators to track and measure success, working with the client to identify key content opportunities for ad creation and crafting advertising messaging that converted.

In addition, we supported the goal of supporting professional development of Social Media Managers through our private e-learning platform October University. This allowed GPB’s Social Media Managers access to monthly social media training via our online portal, quarterly live trainings, a weekly social media newsletter and “office hours” where Social Media Managers could ask for recommendations on their social media strategies and/or current challenges.

The Results

The comprehensive and targeted social media advertising strategy resulted in substantial increases in brand and program awareness for Georgia Public Broadcasting with Facebook followers increasing by 23% year over year. The engagement on GPB’s social media channels also saw a significant boost with an engagement rate increase of 180% year over year across social media channels. Furthermore, there was a noteworthy uptick in website visits to key landing pages, indicating successful audience conversion with an average campaign click-through rate of 3% when the average industry benchmark is 0.9%.

In addition to the successful advertising campaign, our commitment to supporting the professional development of GPB’s Social Media Managers had a significant impact. Through our private e-learning platform, October University, this continuous learning environment substantially enhanced their understanding of social media strategies, allowing them to navigate current challenges more effectively. This facilitated a more efficient and effective social media management process within the organization, thereby boosting their overall social media presence.

Our partnership with Georgia Public Broadcasting not only achieved their primary goals of increased brand awareness and social media engagement but also empowered their Social Media Managers with the knowledge and skills necessary for continued success in their digital strategies.

The Challenge

Our company was brought on as a Tier III contractor for the GDOT I-75 Commercial Vehicle Lane project in 2021. The project necessitated the development of a robust and relatable social media content strategy that would reflect the diverse demographic of Georgia drivers and the surrounding community. Our responsibilities included creating engaging social media copy and graphics that both echoed key campaign messages and mirrored the area’s demographic makeup. Additionally, we were working in a period when mask-wearing was prevalent due to health guidelines, which needed to be represented in the imagery.

Our Solution

Our approach began with comprehensive meetings with project stakeholders to understand their specific needs. To ensure our content was truly representative and effective, we studied target audience data, analyzing the demographic and psychographic characteristics of Georgia drivers, as well as the insights gathered from past campaigns. We subsequently crafted social media content that resonated with various ethnicities, age groups, and abilities, all the while ensuring content accessibility across channels. Our created content included a diverse range of imagery, from mask-wearing individuals reflecting the period’s realities to the representation of the community’s diverse ethnic composition. Addressing the different ways in which various age groups consume information, we created print materials for the older constituents while focusing on digital graphics and distribution channels for the younger audience. All these activities culminated in the production of targeted graphics for social media channels, the project landing page, and public information meetings.

The Results

Our comprehensive and inclusive social media content strategy led to a heightened engagement from diverse demographic groups within the Georgia driver and surrounding community. The reflective and accessible social media content effectively underscored key campaign messages, leading to improved community understanding and support for the GDOT I-75 Commercial Vehicle Lane project. Print materials effectively catered to the older constituents, ensuring their involvement and feedback. On the other hand, the targeted digital graphics and distribution channels appealed to the younger audience, leading to wider reach and engagement. The campaign’s overall success demonstrated the power of a truly inclusive and tailored social media content strategy in ensuring broad-based community engagement and support. Learn more about Social for Transportation

The Challenge

October Social Media had the opportunity to work as a Tier III contractor on the Clear Chattanooga project, under the City of Chattanooga Public Works. The main goal of the project was to inform and educate specific constituents in Chattanooga about their water quality and the impending need to update the water filtration system. This initiative would inevitably lead to significant construction in certain areas, along with the building of new facilities and water tanks in other parts. Our task was to create social media content and graphics that would inform the public about the project, the upcoming public information meetings, and feedback periods.

Our target audience was broad, including not only local constituents but also community organizations, community organizers, and public officials. We were tasked with creating copy and graphics for each of these groups that could be shared on their digital platforms to aid in the spread of key messages and to create social media content for key public works social media channels that would educate and inform the public on the project.

Our Solution

Understanding the nuances of our target audience, we tailored our social media content and graphics to be engaging, informative, and shareable. We developed social media copy that explained the necessity of the water filtration system upgrade and what the construction would entail. We also included information about the public information meetings and the timelines for the public feedback periods. We also collected feedback from the public on social media posts.

The graphics we developed were both eye-catching and clear in their message, ensuring that they would capture attention while also effectively communicating key information.

To engage with community organizations, organizers, and public officials, we created specialized content that they could easily share on their platforms via social media toolkits. This content was designed to encapsulate the importance of the Clear Chattanooga project, prompting these individuals and organizations to share the information with their networks, thereby increasing the project’s reach and visibility.

The Results

Our social media content strategy for the Clear Chattanooga project resulted in increased awareness about the water filtration system upgrade project. The creation of understandable and shareable content led to wider reach, especially through the networks of community organizations, organizers, and public officials.

The notifications regarding the public information meetings and feedback periods were well disseminated, resulting in greater public involvement. The improved communication mitigated potential concerns regarding construction and changes, leading to better community understanding and acceptance of the Clear Chattanooga project.


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