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Meet Your Trainers

Sabrina Merritt

Founder & CEO

Sabrina Merritt, is an accomplished speaker, trainer and digital strategist with over 10 years in the social media and digital marketing industry. After being a part of a social media team for a large non-profit and leading a social media team across 4 brands for a Fortune 500 company, Sabrina launched October Social Media, a social media management, training, and consulting agency for brands and government agencies in 2016.

Lauren Sengele

Senior Ads Manager at October Social Media

Senior Ads Manager, Lauren Sengele, who has over 8 years of experience in digital marketing and social media advertising across B2B, B2C, and Government industries. Lauren works day in and day out at October Social Media crafting and executing social media advertising campaigns for our clients who are some of the leading organizations in the Southeast. Now she is sharing everything she’s learned in this exclusive training with you. Don’t learn theories and approaches from someone who occasionally runs ads or whose strategies are outdated, get the tips and tricks from a social media agency that is constantly running and executing campaigns daily (including RIGHT THIS second) that produce RESULTS!

About October Social Media

October Social Media, boasts a team of professional social media marketers and communicators who have experience working both client and agency side, for non-profits, brands, and government agencies to create effective social media strategies that increase brand awareness, build community, drive sales and produce results. October Social Media works with some of the leading companies in the Southeast. We KNOW the pressures of managing social media for an organization because we’ve BEEN where you are.