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Create Effective Ad Campaigns that Increase Brand Awareness and Drive Sales. Take Your Career To The Next Level!

Why October Social Media?

October Social Media’s Founder & CEO, Sabrina Merritt, is an accomplished speaker, trainer and digital strategist with over 10 years in the social media and digital marketing industry. After being a part of a social media team for a large non-profit and leading a social media team across 4 brands for a Fortune 500 company, Sabrina launched October Social Media, a social media management, training and consulting agency for brands and government agencies in 2016.

October Social Media boasts a team of professional social media marketers and communicators who have experience working both client and agency side, for non-profits, brands, and government agencies to create effective social media strategies that increase brand awareness, build community, drive sales and produce results. We KNOW the pressures of managing social media for an organization because we’ve BEEN where you are.

That’s why our Facebook and Instagram Ads Training is designed to give Marketing and Communication Professionals the exact system that OSM uses to scale organizations’ social media efforts utilizing the ever changing, yet powerful advertising machine known as Facebook Ads Manager.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Meet Your Trainer

Lauren Sengele

OSM’s Facebook and Instagram Ads Training for Marketing and Communication Professionals is led by our Senior Ads Manager, Lauren Sengele, who has over 8 years of experience in digital marketing and social media advertising across B2B, B2C, and Government industries.

Lauren works day in and day out at October Social Media crafting and executing social media advertising campaigns for our clients who are some of the leading organizations in the Southeast. Now she is sharing everything she’s learned in this exclusive training with you. Don’t learn theories and approaches from someone who occasionally runs ads or whose strategies are outdated, get the tips and tricks from a social media agency that is constantly running and executing campaigns daily (including RIGHT THIS second) that produce RESULTS!

How It Works

Take this Course Anytime, At Your Own Pace

Access this training anytime from anywhere with our online training portal. Whether it's during a lunch break right before a meeting, or late at night while taking a break from watching your favorite Netflix show, mastering Facebook and Instagram ads is just a click away.

Learn from a Subject Matter Expert

This course provides you with a guided approach on how to use Facebook Ads Manager. You’ll learn directly from October Social Media’s very own Senior Ads Manager, Lauren Sengele, who’ll take you step-by-step through how to boost posts and use Facebook Ads Manager to get the most out of your Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Video Series Training Format

This video training course is perfect for a wide range of learning styles, allowing you to pause or fast forward where needed throughout the course. This ensures that you have ample time to review or re-visit modules as you retain information and implement what you’ve learned.

Designed for MarComm Professionals

This course was designed specifically for marketing and communications professionals, by professionals who work with brands, non-profits and government agencies daily! We know that MarComm professionals often have to learn and implement quickly. We’ve designed this training to ensure that you get exactly what you need to begin seeing results as soon as possible.

Great for Managers, Directors, and Leadership, Too!

Whether you’re managing a digital marketing team or lead the social media marketing efforts of your organization or institution, this training will give you the confidence you need to maximize your social media marketing efforts and make you look like a social media superstar to your team, colleagues, and peers.

Get a Certificate of Completion

Complete every module in this course and get a Certificate of Completion that you can share with leadership and on your LinkedIn profile.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Brands, Non-Profits, and Government Agencies Come To Us Because
Our Social Media Management, Training, and Consulting Produces Results.

What Current/Past Clients Have To Say About OSM’s Trainings & Services*

"The training was fantastic and I think that it gave the majority of the staff a better understanding of why we use social media and some of the building blocks to building program plans for engagement."
N. Theodore
Consul General
Consulate General of Canada Southeastern United States
"I would highly recommend October Social Media to any entity aiming to improve their social media engagement with students and alumni."
T. DePriest
Sr. Director For Communications
Emory University, Department of Campus Life
"Working with the OSM team allows us to focus on other marketing efforts that help to produce effective and holistic marketing campaigns."
Marketing Director
Atlanta Fine Homes Sothebys
14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Who Should Take This Training?

  • New Marketing or Communications Professionals

    searching to advance their social media skills and careers.

  • Directors or C- Suite Leaders

    looking to learn more about social media advertising so they can effectively lead their teams.

  • CIOs and PIOs in Government

    seeking new ways to expand the reach of key messaging and citizen engagement campaigns.

  • Social Media Managers

    who want to take their knowledge and skills to the next level while producing better results for their clients.

  • Publicists and COMMs Directors

    who want to learn more about social media advertising capabilities to increase campaign effectiveness.

  • Small Business Owners

    who oversee marketing and communication for their business and want a better understanding of Facebook Ads Manager.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Why Not You?

Imagine This…

Your CEO or your supervisor comes to you and says that they would like to see a 10-15% increase in brand awareness and is putting some marketing dollars behind the next campaign you’re responsible for rolling out. Before leaving the office they stop and say, “This campaign HAS to work or else…”

Immediately after the conversation how are you feeling? Do you feel a knot in your stomach due to the lackluster results your past ads have produced? Do you feel a lack of confidence in your ability to lead your team or make recommendations on how ad campaign performance can improve?

Is your lack of understanding of Facebook Ads Manager
holding you back?

This Facebook and Instagram Ads Training gives you a PRACTICAL and EFFECTIVE approach to running Facebook and Instagram ads that produce results. NO FLUFF, JUST GOOD STUFF – so you can roll up your sleeves and get to work.

With OSM’s Facebook and Instagram Ads training course, creating, managing, and scaling your social media efforts with confidence will be your new reality.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Here's What You Get

Your Content + Our Proven System = Social Media Success!

Here’s a quick summary of what you can expect to from the Facebook and Instagram Ads for Marketers and Communication Professionals training:

Module 1

Course Introduction

In this module, you’ll get the lay of the land and best practices on how to maximize your experience with the course. We share our recommendations on how to utilize this training to get the best results and how to access your training bonus guide which will help you to accelerate your learning and retain more information. Lastly, if there is anything that is not clear you will know exactly how to reach us so that all your questions and concerns are addressed.

Module 2

Facebook and Instagram Ad Types

In this module, we share the difference and pros and cons between just “boosting ads” and running ads using Facebook Ads Manager.

Module 3

Boosted Posts

In this module we cover:

  • Our 7 Steps Process To Running An Effective Boosted Post on Facebook (Most People Only Implement 2-3 at most, leaving results on the table)
  • How to Create Promoted Instagram Posts
  • Our Promoted Posts Best Practices Blueprint so you know that you are using promoted posts at the highest level every time

Module 4

Facebook and Instagram Ad Formats

In this module, we get into the nitty-gritty of various ad formats for Facebook and Instagram and also which ads work best for specific industries. (Not All Ads Work For All Industries; We Share Which Ones Do)

Module 5

Using Facebook Ads Manager

Learn the components of a Facebook Ad and the beginning steps of how and when to use Facebook Ads Manager.

Module 6

Creating Ads In Facebook Manager

Ever wondered what makes for a Good Facebook and Instagram Ad and how to avoid getting the NOT APPROVED notification for your ads? In this module, we break down the 7 Steps To Creating Ads in Facebook Ads Manager, The Ad Rules For Specific Industries, How to Build an Ad Set, An Audience, Your Ads Budget and so much more!

Module 7

Creating & Using A Saved Audience

Have you ever wondered how the people who are running ads know exactly what you like? This is done by Creating And Using a Saved Audience in Facebook Ads Manager. In this module, you’ll learn what a Saved Audience is, how to create one and make new ones from an existing audience. This alone is worth the investment of this training with the potential ROI and high-quality results you will get when you implement our strategies.

Module 8

Scheduling Ads & Boosts In Advance

Running ads day-to-day can become overwhelming. This is why you’ll want to dive into this module where we share how you can go about scheduling your ads and boosts in advance! Learn how to schedule unpublished posts using our tried and true best practices.

Module 9

Running Multiple Ad Sets & Ads

Learn the ins and outs of running multiple ad sets and ads. In this module, we’ll delve into multiple ad sets vs. multiple campaigns, campaign optimization, and optimization testing. Gain key insights on how to identify your top-performing ads for campaign ROI.

Module 10

Duplicating Campaigns, Ad Sets, and Ads

Take your knowledge of ads to the next level by becoming more efficient with your campaigns and ads set up. This is a next-level trick that will help you scale your productivity and outcomes for your ad campaigns. Elite social media experts use this to do the work of 5 people at once!

Module 11

Using Campaign Budget Optimization

We can’t forget about budgeting, can we? In this module learn the budget tactics we use with our clients to make sure they are fully taking advantage of every dollar so they can maximize campaign performance.

Module 12

Using Dynamic Ads

Last but not least, you’ll discover the dos and don’ts of running Dynamic Ads. Now that you have an understanding of the basics, this is the master-level stuff that will really set you apart from other marketers.

14-Day Money Back Guarantee


14-Day Money Back Guarantee

Yes! This training works very well for the non-profit, public or private sector. In addition, because of the extensive work OSM has done across industries you can confidently implement the tips and tricks shared in this training to market with integrity without minimizing the impact of your marketing campaigns.

Nope, not at all. This training is designed to help the novice or the intermediate user. So whether you are just getting started with Facebook and Instagram ads or if you’ve run ads before using Facebook Ads Manager you can use this training to create dynamic social media advertising campaigns that produce great results.

The training outlines the approach and steps we currently use right now in-house to produce amazing results for our clients! If you know Facebook Ads Manager well, our training can serve as a great refresher for you and expose you to tips and tricks you may not currently be using. In addition, with Facebook Ads Manager consistently being updated, this training will provide insights about the platform as it looks and functions today.

This training is designed for the marketing professional and communication professional who would like to maximize their Facebook and Instagram Ads efforts. If you’d like to go beyond boosting posts and take advantage of all the untapped opportunities that Facebook Ads Manager provides this training is for you! If you’re ready to learn and do the work, you can learn from professional peers that are ready to share their knowledge with you.

We’d never want you to be unhappy!

If you have second thoughts about your purchase, be sure to contact our team at [email protected] during Module 1 or 2 within 14 days of your purchase and we will give you a full refund.

Please be advised that since this is an information product and delivery of knowledge cannot be reversed. So, once students have started and/or completed Module 2 or after 14 days of your purchase date, we do not issue refunds.

This training sounds amazing! How much does it cost?

What would having confidence that you can master Facebook Ads Manager mean to you and your career?

Is there a possible raise on the table if you were able to go from lackluster results with your ad targets to producing staggering results with your hyper targeted ads? What about being able to increase your leadership potential by understanding not only how to communicate with your team, but to empower and affirm them now that you understand the phrases and terms of social media advertising?

What would that be worth to you?

Are you starting to see the power of this training and what it can ultimately mean to you and your career and the success of the organization you’re a part of?

Here’s a recap of all you’ll be receiving with this training:

Training From A Subject Matter Expert

Get access to our very own Sr. Ads Manager, Lauren Sengele’s knowledge, insights, and expertise for just a fraction of what it would cost to retain one year of our services.

Bonus Post-Training Guide To Assist With Ad Execution

This guide will help you fast-track your ability to see results with what you learned. We share a blueprint that you can easily use yourself or share with your team to assist with running ad campaigns after your training is complete.

Training At Your Own Pace, At A Time That Works For You

Go as fast and or as slow as you like, taking your time with each module. Take notes, pause the video, jump ahead in training or go back, so that when you’re ready to implement the information you’ve learned, you can confidently apply it to see results. We took all of the worry and anxiety around finding the perfect time to learn, it’s totally up to you!

A Company With A Proven Track Record You Can Trust

Get peace of mind knowing that what you learn in this training works because it’s based on OSM’s Founder’s 10+ years of experience, and the numerous social media campaigns that October Social Media has created and launched for non-profit, public and private sectors! Your new-found confidence will help you convey your social media advertising knowledge at the high level, with results to match.

14 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you enroll in Facebook and Instagram Ads for Marketing and Communications Professionals and for some reason are unhappy with the course, we will refund 100% of the fee if a refund is requested within 14 days from the purchase date.

Introductory Price

14-Day Money Back Guarantee

This training could easily be priced at $999 and be a steal for anyone who gets their hands on it. In fact, many think that we are absolutely crazy to make this training available at all.

“How will your agency continue to get clients?”, they say. Our answer: we are committed to helping marketers and communicators know what really works and believe that if our training works for you, then for sure down the road when you need the assistance of even more next level strategies that you’ll pick up the phone and give OSM a call.

This is why we have decided to make this training the irresistible introductory price of $197.97!

No, that’s not a misprint and we did not misplace the decimal point. We know the power of this training and want you to have absolutely no reason why you cannot say ‘yes’ today to signing up for our training.

This is an introductory offer, and we do not know how long we will keep the training at this price. This is why we strongly suggest you sign up today if being more confident in running Facebook and Instagram ads will help positively impact your business and career.

Are You Ready to Take Your Career to the Next Level?

14-Day Money Back Guarantee


*Disclaimer: The above clients work with or have worked with OSM for various social media services and are displayed above to show OSM’s experience in social media management, training and consulting. The above clients and all clients (including those featured on our website) past, present and future, do not serve as endorsement for this course or any OSM digital products and have no affiliation with OSM in the creation, execution, or promotion of this course.